Our Family

Our breeding dogs, both current and retired.  Click on images for a larger view!
Proven Producers


These are our family members that have produced some of our current litters.

Up & Coming Young-Uns

These are some puppies and young adult

dogs that are showing us great promise.

They are being shown and we're watching

them in hopes they pass all the breeding

tests, which include structural exams as

well as medical exams. It's a long, involved process to earn the qualification to be a part

of our breeding program!

Retired Ones


One of the hardest things about breeding dogs is the time when they are done. These dogs all have a special place in our hearts. Our choice is to retire them to a pet home where they can live out the rest of their lives sleeping on beds, going on hikes, sopping up all the attention, and being adored as one of the family.

The BBCook kennel name was a combination of Bob and Bette Cook.  They worked to form this kennel and make the BBCook a sign of a quaility pup.  Sadly, Bob Cook passed away in September of 2007. Read more on our About Us page.

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