Questions & Answers, or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


We know a lot of questions come up when you are looking for an Alaskan Klee Kai.  We hope a number are answered here!


Are your dogs registered with the UKC?


Yes, all of our dogs are not only registered with the United Kennel Club, most of them have titled with the UKC.


Are your puppies UKC registered?


Yes!  All of our puppies are registered with UKC and sold with papers.  However, since puppies are usually sold on a spay/neuter contract, papers are usually not transferred until proof of that is submitted. 


Do you sell puppies that aren't required to be spayed or neutered?


No, except occassionally to an established breeder.  Breeding is a big committment.  New breeders must be mentored carefully, and we are not in a position to be able to do that.


Do you microchip your puppies?


Yes.  Each puppy is placed with a microchip.  Remember that microchips must be registered to be any good.  We require that we be listed as the secondary contact for the life of the puppy.  This ensures that we will always be contacted if the pup is ever found and you can't be contacted.


When are puppies placed?

Puppies are never placed before 8 weeks of age, and usually are placed at 9 weeks of age.


Do you ship your puppies?

Due to changes in Federal law, we require in-person delivery of a puppy.  Please don't hesitate to ask us questions about this.