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We're always thrilled to team with other breeders.  When our dogs are chosen by other breeders, we find that a huge compliment. We're especially honored to often team with Sheila Sweet of FOXX AKK. Just look at what she's done with our dogs!  And in turn, she's given us some of our best hopes for the future.  

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The BBCook kennel name was a combination of Bob and Bette Cook.  They worked to form this kennel and make the BBCook a sign of a quaility pup.  Sadly, Bob Cook passed away in September of 2007. Read more on our About Us page.

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UACH 'PR' BBCook's Tuvok

Tuvok become the first AKK to earn a Championship in agility when he earned his Teacup Dogs Agility Association TACh in December of 2012. He's gone on to be the first AKK to earn a UKC Agility Championship in December of 2013! Tuvok lives in the Seattle area with his family.