Our pups are active in many types of events

We're so pleased when our pups go to a home where they are given other tasks to work on, like agility, or rally obedience.  Our pups have excelled in these sports!

About us


Small, home breeder, since 2001
Our pups are born and raised in our home.

Health testing is a priority in our program!
It isn't just about how cute the puppy is. We vigorously health test all potential sires & dams for the recommended health tests, and are getting all our breeding dogs CHIC certified (Canine Health Information Center.)


Active in Conformation show ring
We believe that our breeding is confirmed in the show ring (called conformation since it is judging how well the dog "conforms" to the breed standard.)  Most of our dogs are Champions, and we have many Grand Champions.  Quite a few of our placed dogs have also achieved these levels.

In Memory

Sadly Bob Cook died from cancer in September of 2007. His legacy as a wonderful advocate, breeder and lover of this amazing breed of dog will never be forgotten. With Bob there was never any worries about the care his dogs received and the quality of their lives. Each one of his pups were family to him. Breeding wasn't a business it was a passion.


The Alaskan Klee Kai Association of America (AKKAOA) has even named an award in Bob's honor - the Bob Cook Spirit of AKKAOA award

If you would like to share some memories that you have of Bob, feel free to share your memories of Bob Cook. You can also feel free to view the thoughts and memories that others have shared by clicking here.